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Wedding Flowers – Worth Every Penny!

This is the first in a three part series about why wedding flowers are worth every penny. Yes, flowers for your wedding (or any event) can be pricey but let me explain why – essentially you are paying for three important things – quality, experience and hard work.

This first post in the series will address quality.

Yes, I understand – you can go to Costco or Trader Joe’s and pick up a nice looking bunch of flowers for $5, I get it, but I get much better quality flowers as a professional floral designer and I have incredible access to a wide variety of flowers from all over the world. I know which vendors have the best orchids, which have the best roses, I can go on and on but you get it, and really, you don’t really want the flowers at your wedding to look like they came from the aforementioned retail outlets, do you?


The photos of your wedding day will be in your family forever – make sure that you love your flowers so when you look at those photos of the day with your closest friends, family and loved ones you’re not cringing but smiling.

I’ve also developed relationships with my suppliers and they will call and tell me if something I’ve ordered looks less than perfect so we can make the appropriate substitutions. I had one of my favorite wholesale reps running to the airport to pick up the needed hydrangeas for one of our weddings this past summer. That is worth the money!

The quality of the flowers on your big day also depends so much on how they’ve been processed, stored and transported – we’ll talk more about that in the next two posts.

As a professional floral designer I care about the quality of the flowers and the final design we deliver, every design we do has our name on it.

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Friday Favorite

Happy Friday!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite flowers – Bells of Ireland. I think they are perfect to start out this fresh New Year.

My favorite!

They are a striking bloom in many ways – color and shape, many people don’t know that they have a gorgeous, fresh, clean scent, especially when they are really fresh. When I buy flowers for myself they are frequently Bells of Ireland, I just love their striking and lush look all by them selves in a simple vase.

We do use them for weddings – mostly in large arrangements at the ceremony location but the florets can also be used individually in boutonnieres and corsages.

Woodland Wedding with Bells of Ireland


In the language of flowers they represent luck (imagine that!). They are in the mint family. I’ve tried to grow them in my garden a few times with no luck, but I do frequently pick up some locally grown bells at my farmers market. They are available year round as a cut flower and they are extremely long lasting. You get a lot of bang for your buck with Bells of Ireland, they are stunning.

Have a beautiful day!

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