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Susan’s team consists of her two sisters, Beth and Wendy, as well as her two nieces Lauren and Hillary.

We all love working together! We laugh a lot.

Weddings, family, flowers…we love what we do!

Beth & Wendy

Like their sister Susan, Beth and Wendy both cherish natural beauty and enjoy creating arrangements. If you are lucky, you just might see them pinning boutonnieres or placing arrangements at your wedding!


Lauren is a college student and works as an up and coming manager at Trader Joe’s. She effortlessly executes arrangements and is very experienced at running wedding days successfully. She is excellent at seeing the big picture and is totally on top of every item on your special day. Lauren is our go to person for execution of creative ideas and details. She also has the best handwriting!


Hillary is Susan’s “right-hand woman”. She is a full time college student at SJSU and works at Stanford Memorial Church. She loves all aspects of the wedding day process and has inherited her Aunt’s floral design flair. Her favorite part of her job is creating beautiful arrangements. Hillary anticipates every detail that could possibly go wrong and keeps us all on our toes!